January 30, 2015

Request to Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts to keep COOL


Dear Sen. Roberts,

I am asking you to reconsider your position against Country of Origin Labeling. Consumers and producers support this law without any question. The WTO ruling is wrong and biased. The filing by the Canadians and Mexicans believing that the law has caused their price difference is completely wrong. The COOL law is in no way the issue. Without question the suit was filed against the wrong party. They should have filed against the packers for a lack of competition and market monopoly. In no part of the law does it give the packers to pay less for like quality cattle or beef.

As a producer myself, we have never had these positive prices to stimulate the economy since we have witnessed the positive effects of COOL. The facts are we have had droughts, low cattle numbers and a corrupt beef checkoff for years. The only difference in our prices today vs anytime in history is the passage and consumer support for COOL.

Dr. Robert Taylor just finished a study on COOL, and it was not the law that caused the Canadian and Mexican problems. Please change your position and work for the independent producers and consumers who support this food safety and marketing opportunity with support for COOL. Canada has labeling, Mexico has labeling and now we as USA should keep and make even stronger our COOL law. Call if you have any concern or want to discuss why it is so important!

P.S. I sold my calves in December and never have I been paid this well for our cattle. We purchased equipment and supplies from USA companies and that is a direct stimulation to the economy locally and nationally.

Mike Schultz
419 Sixth St.,
Brewster, Kansas 67732
Mobile 785-462-1447

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