AGRICULTURE March 24, 2016

Regarding the USDA Civil Rights letter:

We just got back from Washington D.C. we testified before Congressional Committees and membership, on Forest Service allotment owner issues with regard to the recent USDA Civil Rights Reports. This report identified 36 Findings of Violation against the Forest Service Agency in Regions 2 and 3. The Hispanic Caucus committee and members of the House Ag committee then questioned Secretary Vilsack in a formal hearing after we provided our testimony and volume of exhibit/documents.

One of the most important Findings from the USDA Report was that the Forest Service has "suspended and terminated" Forest Service Grazing permits in violation of Forest Service Regulations, Federal Laws, and Civil Rights Federal Laws.These Findings against the agency were in violation of minority ranchers in New Mexico and Colorado.

It is my belief that these Finding are representative of what the Forest Service has done to "all allotment owners" in the entire West. We have asked for Demographic Data with regard to Grazing Permit "Suspension and Terminations" per Region 2 and 3 with regard to ethnicity/race. The questions were presented and requested by the Congressional Committees to Secretary Vilsack and his attorneys present at the Hearing.


David Sanchez
Vice President, NNMSA
Committee Chair NLFRTA Washington D. C.
Farm and Ranch Chair Rural Coalition Team Washington D. C.

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