CLIMATE SCIENCE: March 6, 2016

Demand The Debate


Greeley Tribune March 4, 2015

We should have a debate about climate change

Having been a longtime observer of the climate debacle, a foremost question continues to prevail: Why not a debate?
Why not get say, Dr. Richard Lindzen, Dr. Willie Soon and Dr. Fred Singer (climate realists) across the table eye to eye from Al Gore, Dr. Michael Mann, Dr. James Hansen, and demand they debate for whatever length of time it takes for them to arrive at an agreement policy makers can thereon determine “whether or not” they should make policy based on such.

The way it’s going, real lives are being destroyed, because bad policies are being made based on voodoo crap.
Trying since 2008 to “get the debate,” I’ve found anthropogenic global warming believers absolutely unwilling (they refuse) to debate!

In contrast, climate realists welcome public debate!
So afraid of public debate, anthropogenic global warming believers whip out their smear weapons and stab climate

realists each time their findings are contrary to Al’s.

I mean, just look at what the believers are doing to Dr. Willie Soon. Instead of debating his science, they’re stabbing him personally.

Each of you, regardless where you stand on Mother Nature, should — as a thinking, compassionate, fact driven human being — demand debate.

Let’s start in Colorado. Let’s demand Gov. John Hickenlooper reveal his anthropogenic global warming believer scientists, and demand they debate climate realists. Right now, today. No General Assembly, Congress or governor should make any policy based on the climate.

Let’s demand the debate!

Roni Bell Sylvester, LaSalle

Greeley Tribune March 6, 2015

There really is no climate debate

It’s always interesting to see who the climate “realists” (their term) dredge up to support their refutation of global climate change.

Roni Bell Sylvester of LaSalle (“We should have a debate about climate change”) mentions three scientists, two of whom have received millions in “research support” from petrochemical corporations, one of whom was censured by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics just two weeks ago. These are not eminent authorities in their field — one was labeled as a “contrarian” by his own graduate students.

Look, we can debate all we want, but an influential Republican politician said it best. If there’s a 1 percent chance of success at preventing a human tragedy by addressing the issue immediately instead of not, it’s our responsibility to take action instead of waiting. He’s right and this does apply to climate change, whether it’s man-made or not.
By the way, the politician who said that is Vice President Dick Cheney (his comments on justifying the Iraq War).
Just as an anecdote, development of more fossil fuel resources will create less than 5 percent of the jobs development of wind and solar will. The only industry against alternative energy development is oil and gas. Weld County not with standing, it is the future.

Ken King, Greeley