EDUCATION: May 8, 2014
Is profaning Jesus part of the curriculum at Harvard?

To: Harvard Extension School

Harvard University

Cambridge, Mass. USA


May 7, 2014

Dear Dean,

I read about the planned "Satanic mass" at Harvard. Have you completely lost your moorings there? Your motto is "Veritas," correct? That means truth. God is truth and his adversary, Satan, is known as the king of lies, as you would know if you have read Dante or Milton, as, one would reasonably hope for a college educated adult. So it would seem you are acting contrary to your stated values there with this Satanic mass.

On a secular note, I have to wonder what the psychiatric consequences will be for them not only now but in the long-term, as well? This seems like anti-social personality disorder, to say the least, as per the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5 of the American Psychiatric Association. These kids/and their sponsors need counseling and probably anti-psychotic medication.

The reason I state this is that I read that as part of the "instruction" they were going to use a consecrated host from a Catholic church -- e.g. what the church believes to be the body of Christ -- and defile it as part of their ceremony. Is that correct?

Reasoning by analogy, if this were an educational seminar on Islam, and the Koran were defiled, I can guarantee you that Harvard would not only not allow it, but would condemn it in the strongest terms as would CNN, New York Times, and other liberal media outlets as an "outrage." I see this as akin to the Taliban destroying Buddhist sculpture a few years back -- a cultural and spiritual outrage.

Please do write back to me. I would like to engage you in a dialogue on this issue and see if you can afford the same courtesies to Christians that you would do for Muslims or other religious groups -- i.e. not defile their most sacred things in public with the imprimatur of the university. Lest you think I am a rube-like philistine, I can assure you that I am a graduate of the University of Chicago, where I studied with top theologians. Glad I did not decide to go to Harvard Div at this point. You should feel shame and humiliation for allowing this conduct.


Fr. Eugene Koprowski


Patriarchy of Kiev and All Rus