EDUCATION: April 21, 2015
Go Nuclear and Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy websites both open now. (USA NE 3) (USA NM) (Canada NE), (Australia) (Austria), (Bangladesh)
(about nuclear energy today, nuclear energy tomorrow, radioisotopes for nuclear medicine and other applications, and about understanding low-dose radiation) (each topic is broken down for four major regions of the world: Africa and Middle East, Americas, Asia-Australia-New Zealand, Europe-Russia) (contributors from around the world, audience worldwide: 4,200 professionals in nuclear energy and nuclear medicine in 113 countries plus student and public audiences worldwide)
(about nuclear energy and nuclear science like, but not broken down by region, additional topics PEOPLE and ENVIRONMENT that nuclear energy and nuclear science can help, and about EFN: about 2,000 professionals in the USA and 2,200 professionals in other countries main audience USA, others are invited to participate..)


These websites are built like museums, with contributions of documents, PowerPoint Presentations and videos from several hundred authors. Their work is on display in these museums for visitors to come, get to know, and learn about these topics as they pertain to all of humanity. This is for students at all levels from high school on up, the general public, professionals in other fields, government officials, teachers and professors, even experts in these fields.

This is not a blog site with a central person blogging and a lot of discussions. It is like a museum.

Please use the Contact Us or Comment boxes at the bottom left of each page to send us a message, question, etc. I am going to be in Europe taking time away from the Internet from April 20th through May 29th and will reply when I return in June.

We hope that you will be interested in our quarterly newsletters about Go Nuclear and Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy - USA. Please consider contributing information and helping spread the word to your colleagues and the public.

Controversy and conflict has been a significant part of history for thousands of years. These websites will cover some significant controversial issues as respectfully as possible so visitors can learn both sides, not just hear from one side..

Thank you and best wishes.


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