EDUCATION May 5, 2015
Passed Enzi’s Budget, Balanced to Boot


Dear Friends,

This week we in the U.S. House passed the first joint House and Senate Budget Resolution in years. Thanks in large part to Senator Enzi’s hard work, this bill balances the budget in 10 years without raising taxes. The Senate will now be able to vote on the joint budget resolution for America.

Our exploding national debt has busted past $18 trillion. This budget, however, is a ray of hope that we can turn the federal government’s spending addiction around. Hope that we can follow the example of American families across the country who gather around their kitchen tables at night and discuss what they can and cannot afford.

I believe that we must cut spending and refocus funding to fulfill the basic requirements for the federal government and Senator Enzi and Representative Price’s budget does just that by offering a roadmap to bring fiscal sanity to Washington.

Additional points on the Congressional Balanced Budget Resolution:

  • Creates a process to repeal Obamacare and start over with patient-centered reforms
  • Improves Efficiency, Effectiveness & Accountability of Government
  • Supports a Healthier Economy and Stronger Economic Growth
  • Strengthens Medicare
  • Protects Social Security

Please tell me your thoughts and concerns on the budget, debt, and deficit.