S O U N D   O F F

February 16, 2008

Subject: Hug your Prairie Rat today!

The Meanie Greenies are deliberately and systematically stealing the ag production food sources out of the mouth's of impoverished hungry babes in order to selfishly protect and nourish a few obscure snail darters and a lot of destructive prairie rats.

A historical note:

The so called Prairie Dog, also commonly and correctly called the Prairie Rat, has repeatedly been know to experience huge outbreaks of the Bubonic Plague. This recurring disease continues in US wild rodents and their resident flea populations. Remember the Black Death of Medieval Europe? The Bubonic Plague and Black Death are one and the same disease. The Plague can and does continue to infect humans that come in contact with an infected critter population.
Happy Valentine's Day to all the Meanie Greenies. Hug your Prairie Rat today.

M. S. Hollis
34 Wood Glen
Wimberly, TX 78676