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September 4, 2008
Subject: Getter Done Gals by Roni Bell Sylvester

Getter Done Gals,

It's been brought to our attention there are women (and men) who have never heard of us gals out here in the field.
www.GetterDoneGals.com is your website to "educate" them. Add your thoughts, name and fun!

Getter Done Gals are

Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Conservatives, Liberals, Moms, Wives, Grandmas, Caretakers

What Getter Done Gals love

• Babies

• Men

• Puppies, dogs, kittens, cats, colts, horses

• The Republic of the United States of America

• Volunteering

Getter Done Gals are not

• Socialists, communists, eco-fascists, elitist feminists

What Getter Done Gals dislike

• Moochers/free loaders

• Bitchy women


Getter Done Gals

We embraced Sue Hollis's name "Getter Done Gals" (Thank YOU Sue!) then secured the domain name GetterDoneGals.com It'd be great if one of you website savvy gals would volunteer to set it up and maintain it.

The history in chronological order: Getter Done Gals started with this simple note on August 31, 2008

On McCain's selection of Governor Sarah Palin as VP, Congresswoman Diane DeGette (D-CO) said, "I think it is an insult to women that the McCain campaign would think that simply because he picked a woman as his running mate that women would suddenly vote for him."
DeGette can read Senator McCain's thoughts, yet fails to come close in her interpretations of thoughts from women like myself...who are not elite feminists.

Sen. Ken Salazar (D-CO) said, "I have never heard of her (Sarah Palin)."
Salazar makes decisions on deals that impact your food and fuel supplies; yet fails to know of Sarah Palin? Roni

Sarah Palin approved shooting wolves from helicopters and has sued over the listing of the polar bear for global warming reasons. And those are just some small reasons she is awesome, I can justify voting McCain now. Laurie (NM)
Bingo!!! AGREE!!! Roni
I was going to write in my presidential candidate if the ballot didn't please me. Now I don't have to. Laurie (NM)
Been thinking deeply, - about strong, smart, independent women like Sarah Palin, you, the ladies addressed
here.......(Names deleted.9/2)
We're always dismissed by the eco-fascist/ socialist/ fancy feminists...even though we're the ones who "feed" them.
We were given equal opportunities the first second we were given a shovel. Get my picture?
But because the elitist city fems don't NEED our votes - they truly give meaning (ever so stupidly and arrogantly ) to "biting the (our) hands that feed them."
What about putting something on GNL - that better unites us, through kind and thoughtful education of the public on the differences between real ladies and eco-fascist/socialist/fems..
We're "the strong, independent thinking and doing ladies," who are hands on in the trenches feeding, clothing and sheltering the world, while the eco-fascist/socialist fems have lengthy pontificating as to how to pick up a broom...and how the broom "feels" about being picked up. (Sarcasm intended. Can you tell I've lost my patience?)
The finest move for humanity Hillary Clinton could do now (IF, that is her truest interest.) is to put her support behind the McCain/Palin ticket.
Your thoughts ladies?
I like the idea, how about a real women and rural feminists for Palin / McCain? That would be awsome it would also send a message to McCain that we don't want him to use her as window dressing we want her to be an advisor. Laurie
Thank you for including me with such a stellar group of women. I cannot tell you how utterly excited and energized I am by the pick of Sarah Palin. I have been watching her for a couple of years and have been MORE THAN impressed. It is no wonder that the dems are in such disarray right now -- they have no way to deal with a normal, real, on-the-ground fighter -- a person who has dedicated herself to public service, her family, her State, her Country, and to what is right (regardless of politics).
Harriet (WY)
I only wish the ticket were turned around with Palin on top. John McCain is still John McCain. I do not see an acceptable choice in this election no matter how hard I try.
Leellen (CO)
Each of these ladies you named combine considered ideas and talents. It is humbling to be included in the company of such dynamic women. Thank you so much. Sue (TX)

Get-er-done gals.
My two daughters were made to understand very early in their sweet young lives that their mother expected them to be honorable, strong and proud to be feminine. Not whining "woosie women" eating bon bons. Rather they were encouraged to be intelligent get-er-done gals who could move the cattle herd or lube the tractor and at the same time make sure their makeup and ear rings were fabulous.
No "fancy fems" in my family. Just beautiful capable women.

Often girls are treated as light weight air heads with the emphasis on their facade rather than their substance. Their only agronomy experience is prowling the aisles of the King Sooper Supermarket. The hunting prowess merely amounts to plopping a package of chicken into the shopping cart. As for their understanding of the oil issue, it is limited to what kind of suntan oil works best at the pool.
It is little wonder that the elitist metro. fems and greenies flocked to the Party Hardy Obama in Denver for a really rowdy time. Sorta like "Nero fiddling while Rome burned."

In contrast, McCain and Palin are tending to the business and issues of the nation. They are stepping up to focus on the looming hurricane event, addressing the necessity to drill, drill, drill as a part of energy independence and calling for tax stability in the face of the faultering economy.
M. S. Hollis (TX)
Roni, seeing how many people have not heard of Sarah Palin, until recently, how about highlighting some of the issues Sarah Palin has/is fighting for/stands for. Laura, in the message below, brought up some good ideas: Sarah Palin sued over the listing of the polar bears for global warming, shooting wolves. Sarah mentioned, in her acceptance speech that she has fought the "good ole boy" system. Now that one hits close to home, for me. That lady has true grit.
We could also highlight Kimmi (oh boy, does that lady have guts) as a resource producer and strong advocate of private property rights.
I like your idea of educating the public on the difference between real ladies and socialtists/eco-facists, as long as it doesn't appear solely as some type of "women's movement".
By the way, Roni, I love your sense of humor. I have wondered, as well, how the broom feels about being picked up and whether it prefers the forehand or backhand method of sweeping. (-: Mary (CO)
Remembered more dynamic ladies:- - - - - - - -
And ladies - Please don't hesitate to forward to someone you knoW.
The common theme: Grew up in a resource provider family - can "cut the mustard...after they "made it from scratch" - are in or directly connected to resource production now.
We have to do SOMETHING! Roni
Okay, here's some ideas for the calendar. Each month will feature one of us ladies: Roni driving "Barbie", Kimmi riding horseback, checking the cows, Harriet in the court room, and Mary AI'ing a cow. Of course, we're all topless, with the exception of Mary, who is fully clothed, but does have her left sleeve rolled up and has her left arm inside the cow! So, Roni, what do you think? Mary (CO)
I like the idea, how about a real women and rural feminists for Palin / McCain? That would be awsome it would also send a message to McCain that we don't want him to use her as window dressing we want her to be an advisor. Laurie (NM)
I think I'm tired of being lumped in with the liberal pant-suit set because I'm self-sufficient. Pant-suits and coveralls aren't in the same wardrobe. It's not that I can't run with the big dogs in D.C. - - I don't want to. That miniscule bit of geography knows nothing about my terra firma. And besides, there need to be more knees hitting the dirt regarding what's best for us.
LOVE hearing from you and am thrilled that you include me in your list. Keep fighting the fight. God bless!
Becki 9/1/08 (NE)
I was stupid in suggesting only resource producer ladies. Scratch that and let me more wisely say...WELCOME! Any lady willing to help keep American resource production thriving, hop on board!
Guys, - please give this to any "Getter Done Gal" you know. Thank you Roni 9/2

Thanks Roni... this was very interesting reading! Leslie (FL)
A world that has been neglected far too long.
Far as I'm concerned, you're (Leslie) a "Getter Done Gal!" Roni
..."What's her (Sarah Palin) pregnant daughter have to do with this? It's NOT political, it's LIFE!"
Oxana - (Russia)


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