June 19, 2009

Will Governors Use Green Energy Hubs To Claim Private Property?

Recently, the Western Governors Association (WGA) held its annual meeting in Park City, UT

The main thrust of this meeting was "Green Energy Hubs" policies that would pave way for wildlife corridors and energy transmission lines.

Good Neighbor Law (GNL) finds this corridor/hub overlay concept completely un-acceptable!

Why? It could give governors and their non-government partners, un-checked authority to claim private property and threaten domestic resource production.

A community unable to fuel and feed itself, is a community vulnerable for takeover by anyone who does not have its best interest in mind.

As Ron Arnold (Winner of the American Business Press "1980 Editorial Achievement Award" and author of many books including Ecoterror: The Violent Agenda to Save Nature.) wisely cautions us, "If our local, economically provided fuels are taken from us, we will die within a month!"

Why fuel? It's what we need to get food in the ground, out of the ground, and to the market.

GNL sent the Western Governors Association a *letter, expressing our concerns and demanding answers. Their response will be posted on www.GoodNeighborLaw.com.

In brief, we asked WGA:
a) Though "Combating Global Climate Change" was the derivative of your policies discussed, we did not find representation from the field of over one thousand scientists whose findings prove the sun and other elements, not man, makes climate change.
b) You had heavy partnering with non-government and environmental groups including The Nature Conservancy (a.k.a. "partners"), and a glaring lack of representation from "on the ground resource providers" who will be most impacted. Why?
c) Through Memorandums of Understanding (MOU), you seek to activate and monitor policies on wildlife migration corridors and wind energy transmission lines you call "green energy hubs." Do you and your partners intend to exercise eminent domain, condemnation or both, to seize control of the land and water which lays under and near corridors?
e) Because your "partners" receive government funding as their significant source of income, we demand public accounting as to they spend our money.
f) We demand you make public any and all maps that show your projected green energy hubs/wildland/energy transmission corridors.

We ask Western Governors Association and partners, "Do you plan to use said corridors to steal our land and water?"


Good Neighbor Law Board Members
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Dr. John Maulsby, Vice Chairman
Kimmi Clark Lewis, Secretary
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Roni Bell Sylvester, Past Chair

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