June 23, 2009

Probably you won't receive this...

Answer to President Barack Obama’s request for us to “roll up our sleeves and become a volunteer.” June 22, 2009

Roni Bell Sylvester

Dear President Obama,
Our sleeves have been rolled up and our hearts opened as we’ve served as volunteers in our communities for hundreds of years.
Where have you been?
Lately, our charitable spirits have been crushed, stomped on, jailed, sued, slapped, regulated, taxed and drained beyond empty.
By who? The federal government and its environmental/non-government partners (Partnership).
Who’s “we.” We are domestic resource providers.
Remember us? We’re the ones who’ve been toiling in the fields, throwing the fish nets, logging, riding the range, mining and exploring, providing food, fuel and fiber to everyone - regardless their ethnicity, religion, political, gender and age.
Whipped tired when we finally get in after a "hands dirty- red neck" day, we clean up, drive into town, and do “volunteer work.”
We sing in the choir, hold bake sales, serve on school boards, stay informed, lead 4-H clubs, mend socks and hearts, and plant flowers in the town square.
We have always been charitable. We don’t need tutoring on how to do it, or nudging to do it! Being charitable comes from our very core.
So we’ll make a deal with you President Obama.
If you will stop Partnership from stealing our time, that'll free our time to volunteer.
Presently, Partnership throws wolves, minnows, bison, wildlife corridors, polar bear, conservation easements, clean water restoration acts, endangered species act, monument designations, wilderness areas, view sheds, free trade, roadless areas, NAIS, taxes, disease, taxes, mosquitoes, illegal immigrants, lawsuits and taxes at us.
Partnership's damn lawsuits yank us from our fields and logging, out of the seas and down from the derricks.
They sue us when we try to drain a swill and plant an edible crop.
They sue us if - while hoeing weeds - we accidently “disturb” a phantom mouse.
Wouldn't our time be better spent helping Michelle show children how to plant a garden, than sitting in a courtroom?
If you agree, please stop federal government financing of, and partnerships with groups including The Nature Conservancy, Earthjustice, Humane Society of America, Sierra Club, Trout Un-limited, Audubon Society and World Wildlife Fund.
Instead of cleaning up their own damn messes and policing their own unethical behavior, they're ramming through some policy that furthers the killing of American Resource Production.
Here's an example: A clean water and restoration act that will control each puddle that appears in the U.S.A.
OK. If that stops some slovenly slug from thinking twice before urinating in the street, then maybe a micro bit of good will come from this idea that - hidden under its ridiculousness- is lethal.
And no kidding, here's another Partnership action: They want us to capture, count, fill out reports then pay them, for each fart and belch from each of our cows!
Most partners in Partnership, have never irrigated a field, yet bark orders as to the color they want our dams.
Partnership has zero idea as to what we do, yet micro-manage our every move.
They are suffocating us!
Partnership has become so powerful, they deny the world DDT which could eradicate malaria and west-nile disease carrying mosquitoes.
They liked Rachael Carson's poems, denied science, and here we are a million human deaths later.
President Obama, please re-introduce the use of DDT. You'll save human lives.
Then there's Mr. Al Gore. He's not a scientist, yet Partnership designs policies based on his un-debated, personal opinion on the complex weather.
President Obama, stop legislation that hints of green/global/climate change, and demand Mr. Gore publically debate any ONE of the thousand scientists whose documented research is in stark contradiction to Al’s view.
Because of the Endangered Species Act, Governors are making pacts that unconstitutionally promise states assets. For example, some are diverting agricultural water to critters that do touch and goes in their migration.
Our pleads, letters, requests for audits and workable solutions are in-our-face ignored.
President Obama, stop the corruption surrounding the Endangered Species Act.
Partnership pats us on the head, tells us to behave and be nice, while they patronize, denigrate, then in-humanely law-der board us with lawsuits.
Their celebrity buddies think it's really funny to arrogantly belittle us. We're a joke to them, and to us...that's not funny.
The federal government gives our money to Partnership, and it uses it to compete with and hurt us.
They do not respect our private property rights. They think everything we worked so hard to acquire, should be turned over to them.
President Obama, stop giving these groups our money.
Here's some more Partnership plays: They embraced one man (Wayne Pacelle - of the Humane Society of the United States.), shunned the testimonies of livestock owners, and ruled Pacelle’s horse slaughter ban idea cute. End result? Thousands of horses that are left to die slow, excruciatingly painful deaths.
They used the Spotted owl to shut down logging, which resulted in giving us pine bark beetle and forest fires.
Unlike most, resource providers hate welfare. It goes against our grain thoroughly! So when hit with an act of mother nature, we are embarrassed and apologetic when forced to request help to re-plant.
President Obama, arrange a meet where we can set across the table face to face with Wayne Pacelle, Al Gore and The Nature Conservancy. We’ll expose their agendas with our facts, straight talk and doable solutions.
For the sake of our country, this must be done.
President Obama, we thought you were going to be the great conciliator. Instead, the divide between rural and urban is now wider than the gap between earth and infinity.
We only have a few, including Senators Enzi, Barrasso and Inhofe, who truly represent us.
One would think every representative would be smart enough to clearly see the importance of a nation maintaining its ability to provide local, economic and safe supplies feed, clothing and shelter.
President Obama, use your talents to correct the views of these representatives.
Great scientists are treated worse than evil terrorists, simply because their factual, truthful findings turn out contraire to say, Rachael Carson’s DDT thought, or Al Gore’s view of CO2.
President Obama, did you know this?
Did you know that amongst your constituency there are honest attorneys, scientists and research analysts who have dedicated their lives to giving our society un-bias truth and facts. Compensated little, they do so out of their love for America.
Yet, because their truths fly in the face of Partnership’s wants, Partnership puts porn on their computers, denies them service at shops, gets them fired, trolls and messes with their computers, sticks them in the basement, spreads lies about them, and of course - sues them!
President Obama, did you know they're getting bolder and bolder about enforcing their wants on us? Their ugly actions are escalating under your watch?
Partnership has un-bridled authority over us. I don't know how they got it, but I'm asking you to strip them of it! They didn't go through an election process so we don't know who they are. They can hide while usurping our legislative process. They serve no good what-so-ever!
Please use your grace to guide our society out of this dark place, and into a light where honoring America's resource providers is the norm.
We're bright, innovative, hard working and honest individuals who deserve kind consideration and acknowledgment.
We deserve the right to work and care for our families without the constant threat of lawsuits.
Yes, the natural resources we provide are valuable, but the best thing we give our culture is terrific parenting.
Won't you help us save the last great places of "family."
You could set the tone of volunteerism by volunteering to free our charitable hearts and let us sing again while giving!
President Obama, do these things and together we will do the world...good.
Thank you,
Roni Bell Sylvester