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February 18, 2012
Subject: Bring Home the Bacon Today By Chuck Sylvester

My advice to the public is to “bring home the bacon” today, while you can still afford it.

Why? Because government employees have yielded to pressure from individuals who wouldn’t know a pig from a poke, and given them powers to dictate how they feel Pig Growers should grow their pigs. You see, they don’t like the humane way Pig Growers use farrowing crates; even though a few hundred years experience led to their knowing the safest way for pregnant sows to deliver and keep piglets alive, is to provide a crate.

The dictators want the sows to have their piglets in open space, where the sows – a somewhat clumsy animal – can lay on and kill a number of their piglets. A very sanitary animal, the sows will then eat their dead piglets. Not knowing the difference between the dead and alive piglets, the sow will also eat a few live piglets while cleaning up the mess.

The dictators care not the farrowing crate is the safest area for piglets to stay alive, thrive and grow. They want the babies to get crushed.

You’ve probably figured it out by now. And yes, you’re right: Farrowing in an open space will cut the number of finished market hogs, and the hog supply reduction will force up the price of bacon.

The dictators will be happy, because their piglet killing will result in eradicating the Pig Growers livelihood and eventually kill the whole hog business.

Better bring home the bacon today!

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