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May 5, 2012
Subject: How To Save Your Dinner By Roni Bell Sylvester
You’ve probably witnessed countless attacks on Family; particularly rural Farm and Ranch Families.
A recent example: The U.S. Department of Labor first profiled Farmers and Ranchers, and then subsequently proposed a regulation that would have prohibited youth from working on the farm or ranch.
A while back, the U. S. Department of Agriculture bandied about this idea. But public outcry brought it to a halt.
Thursday, April 26th, wise thinking prevailed and this ill sought relegation - of relegating farmers and ranchers to second-class citizenships - was once again withdrawn.
This notion deserved quashing! Furthermore, federal budget employees shouldn’t allocate one taxpayer cent that would allow it to be dug up for some kind of weird post-mortem re-introduction.
In order to deny any American custom and culture its civil liberty to sustain itself, one must first determine what group practices such. And to do so is considered profiling and therefore discrimination.
One could also make a solid argument that denying youth the opportunity to work on a farm or ranch would push these kids out of healthy family environments, and into the criminal justice system.
Farmers and Ranchers are already being subjected to the whims of regulations by government agency employees in the departments of: Environmental Protection, Interior, Agriculture, Education and Energy.
Using Farm or Ranch to discriminate, we know individuals in these agencies claim rights to regulate the life right out of Farmers and Ranchers.
In addition to federal’s overreaching violation of State’s Constitutional and Private Property Rights, their regulations take on many forms with real-life impacts that are devastating!
A thinker might ponder, “Why are Ranchers and Farmers always being targeted by federal agencies?”
The reason is two-fold. First: Farmers and Ranchers are known to maintain some of the last great families on earth. Farmers and Ranchers not only grow great crops, they raise great children; children who grow to be honest, industrious, self-motivated, wise decision makers, benevolent, self-sufficient and financially independent adults who would never leach off of their neighbor!
The only problem with financially independent adults is that they fly in the face of growing the only thing a socialistic government knows how to grow; and that’s dependent adults. For a socialistic government to maintain itself, it must teach people to be dependent on it.
Second: Most Farms and Ranches require land and water to convert into food. Since the beginning, man has fought over control of and land and water. That’s what most wars are based on. Those seeking control over our land- more so water - do so by using their wealth and your tax contributions to influence local communities, schools and to instigate agency regulations and litigations.
Now you know why - the long standing attacks on Farm and Ranch Families.
The reason I’m telling you this is because I’m certain that you eat…regardless your profession. So next time you hear of an attack on a Ranch or Farm Family, don’t tolerate it for one second. Let your voice be heard. Demand the attackers retreat ASAP, and save your dinner and your country at the same time.

Roni Bell Sylvester
Land And Water USA
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