January 29, 2014
Watch Now: Morano V. Bill Nye Climate Debate on Fox
With Stossel w/ Full Transcript – Nye Cites ‘Hockey Stick’
as Proof – Says Politicians can fix potholes & the
climate – Morano denounces as ‘medieval witchcraft’

Marc Morano

Watch Full 11 min. Debate here.
Nye claims that politicians can fix pot holes and time red lights, therefore they can also fix the climate: Nye: ‘This is the same thing on a much, much larger scale.’
Morano vs. Nye on CO2
NYE: 'Do we agree that the atmosphere used to have 250 parts per million, now it has over 400 of carbon dioxide.'
MORANO: Absolutely. We've had ice ages at between 2,000 and 8,000 parts per million in the geological history of the Earth. We've had similar temperatures with 20 times the CO2 levels…The idea that -- that the U.S. or developing world should limit their energy choices based on rising CO2 fears is scientifically baseless. And the geologic record bears that out and the current weather bears it out...It comes down to hundreds of factors are influencing our climate here. CO2 is not the tail that wagged the dog...There's no more weather extremes over the 20th century. You can go from hurricanes or -- we're at a historic low right now...We had the lowest year on record for tornadoes.’
Morano vs. Nye on Development in Poor Nations:
MORANO: 'How is the white, wealthy Western Europe world, in Europe and the U.S., going to tell people of color, 1.3 billion in the developing world, they can't have what we have? Who is Bill Nye to tell [the developing word] they can't have carbon-based energy?’
NYE: ‘We don't want to have less. We want to do more with less. And this is where the innovations come in.’

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Stossel’s ‘Chill Out’ program with John Stossel on Fox Business – First Broadcast January 23, 2014: Bill Nye the Science Guy, who says he is “frantic” about climate change debates skeptic Marc Morano of ClimateDepot.com. (Note: Morano and Nye also debated on CNN in 2012. Also see Morano debating on UN TV in Nov. and his debate on CNN in Dec. 2013)

Watch Full Debate here:

Click here for full transcript.