ARTICLES: November 16, 2012
Re: VOTE NO on any extension of the Production Tax Credit - PTC



Dear Congressman Tom Reed,

I am writing because you have said that “you will support the extension of the Production Tax Credit” if it should come to the floor within any bill.  This is very disturbing, and simply UNACCEPTABLE for a number of reasons:

1.) Wind energy development is actually a jobs loser! 
Several independent financial experts have concluded that, for a variety of reasons (like higher electricity costs) wind energy has resulted in job and economic losses. (Within the included packet of information, see the booklet by Rasmussen, and the report recently released by industry giant - Exelon.) 

2.) NO ONE is checking job claims by AWEA – NO ONE!

3.) Industrial Wind has NOT been proven to significantly reduce CO2 emissions - anywhere in the world! 

4.) Wind energy (a unreliable, volatile electricity source) can do NOTHING to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

5.) Our elected officials should NOT be picking and choosing winners and losers in the energy marketplace - or as Mitt Romney pointed out to President Obama, "picking the losers"!

6.) Republican Congressman should NOT be supporting President Obama's failed "GREEN" agenda, which as President Obama declared, "will cause our electricity rates to necessarily skyrocket" - hurting NYS families, businesses, and the poor the most.

7.) Republican Congressman should stand with Mitt Romney and oppose any extension of corporate welfare via the PTC for already rich, multi-national corporations off the backs of U.S. taxpayers and ratepayers - especially since our nation is already over $16 TRILLION in debt.

8.)  Because wind is NOT reliable, predictable, or dispatchable - it provides virtually NO Capacity Value  (specified amounts of power on demand), and therefore, needs constant "shadow capacity" from conventional power sources.  Thus, wind has NOT, and can NOT replace conventional power generators (i.e. - coal plants). 
9.) Please see: PTCFacts.Info, which has a wealth of information you should familiarize yourself with.

10.) We need an “All of the Sensible” energy policy!

As a lifelong NYS taxpayer, ratepayer and registered Republican, I urge you to DO THE RIGHT THING -- VOTE NO on any extension of the Production Tax Credit (PTC) for industrial wind energy!


Mary Kay Barton

Retired NYS Health Educator, NYS small business owner, and tireless advocate for scientifically sound, reliable, affordable electricity for ALL Americans.

P.O. Box 69
Silver Lake, NY 14549

Phone:  585-813-8173

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