June 28, 2012

Land and Water USA - Demands accountability of eco
groups "co-managing" forests with feds!

- Ric


Gross mismanagement of federal land and water is resulting in America going up in flames!

Who's managing federal lands? Environmental groups co-manage with federal employees.

We are not implying environmental groups start fires, but we do know their actions have obstructed the practice of sound science and hydrological engineering. These actions have been verified as contributing to Pine Bark Beetle and the horrific forest fires such as the ones everywhere in Colorado, Gila National Forest and Ruidoso areas in New Mexico, and more.

The lawsuits they've used to shut down logging and timber extraction, beneficial water usage, proper domestic livestock grazing and more, along with tying up land and water in conservation easements, land trusts, roadless, scenic, monument and most precious designations, are destroying the economic base of communities. And in the case of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, environmental actions are preventing critical control of borders, which in some cases contribute to loss of life.

Research predicted management of government land by environmental groups, to be more costly to the environment and economy as well.

Environmental co-management practices are moving our national dependency to other countries for lumber supplies...which also contributed to our economic demise and has put incredible strain on our growing budget deficit on FEMA and the insurance industries that are now paying not only to fight the fires, but to rebuild the lives of those who lost their homes and livelihoods to these fires that are not going out any time soon.

Land and Water USA (LAW USA) demands our state and federal assemblies and each environmental group that includes language in their materials implying they "co-manage" government land.

LAW USA demands a stop of all grant money to all environmental groups, until obstructionist/co-managers are identified and held accountable.


Just One Match
by Ric Frost
LAW USA Volunteer Policy Research Analyst
Fire By The Numbers – The Average Depends On Your Perspective
Prior to 1910, forest fires burned as much as 50 million acres annually in the U.S., and some
regions of the interior West and Southeast United States burned as often as every 3-5 years.