The Reviews are in! Five Stars out of Five Stars for U.S.A. vs. E.S.A., The Politically Incorrect Side of the Endangered Species Act of 1973.

Review #1
The most Important book of our time!
, March 11, 2012 by PrepperNW

This book is very important if you care about the future of America. Do you want your children and grand children to inherit a USA where flies, rats and snakes have more rights then they do? Do you want a barren wasteland of no jobs and poverty because bugs and rats are important then you and your children. Earning a living can be outlawed by a turtle? Skyrocketing employment AND 3RD WORLD POVERTY is the future of American unless you get a copy of this book, get educated, and stop this insanity.

Review #2.
The Most Corrupt Law Of America's History
, March 13, 2012 by Sulfide

This book is absolutely 100% truth of what is happening to America due to the ESA. Our animals now have MORE rights than us humans. If there is an animal listed under the ESA, you can get fined and put in jail for disrupting their habitat or killing them (even if it's in self-defense, such as the case for wolves). The terms "significant of portion of its range," as well as "threatened species" and "endangered species" aren't completely defined in the ESA. As we all know, gray wolves live all over the world (Eurasia, Africa, and North America) yet for some reason they are eligible for listing under the ESA. They are neither a threatened nor an endangered species. Simply because they once lived in the lower 48 states but now their numbers are not as they once were is another perfect example of just how corrupt this law is. Federal Registrars have even written how the "significant portion" of a wolf's range includes the entire North American continent, while others have simply said anything below the Canadian border (which would include Mexico). In either case, the wolf is still not endangered. They are forcing this animal back into areas where it once lived, meanwhile forgetting the change in habitat over the past 100 years. True conservationists don't just dump an "extinct" (read as extirpated from the lower 48 states) species back where they used to be and expect "balance" to occur.

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