November 12, 2010

Mary Dowling

USA, A-Okay

Come one, come all and have a seat,
I'll spin a yarn that is so sweet.
My allegiance is
Through the ages
That hoopy frood country.
Liberty and Chevrolet,
Apple pie is a-okay,
Logical authority
That is the USA.

Shining liberty,
Rocky Mountains,
Eastern Seaboards
Shining deep blue seas

It started back in Great Britain,
Religious asphyxiation,
The pilgrims sailed,
And then inhaled
That great Plymouth air.
We built the colonies in great array,
With Great Britain we did away.
Independence we declared,
Of morals well aware,
That is the USA.


Alas, alas, we're out of time,
I hope you've liked my little rhyme,
I've told a tale
In great detail
Of what I think is true.
And to this very day I say,
How could you doubt it anyway,
Nothing can do
But red white and blue
That is the USA.

Mary Dowling
(Age 15)