Special one day intensive course on understanding


Thursday, AUGUST 24, 2017
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Course will be led by Dr. Angus McIntosh, and held in
conjunction with the annual R-Calf USA Convention

Come learn detailed information on how to protect
Your Property Rights - Your Allotment Rights.

This course should enable you to teach other Allotment Owners, your friends, family and neighbors,
on how to use information and knowledge to protect their property too.

Non-Members $200
$50 materials fee
[To become a member, please fill out & submit the RAO membership form below.]

"Learn how to teach your neighbors about their Rights. They'll learn,
that to stand with you, they'll stand for themselves!"
Dr. Angus McIntosh

To register in advance please call:
Dr. Angus McIntosh (970) 213-1005
Ramkota Inn, Rapid City, South Dakota
Contact the Ramkota Inn for R-Calf USA group rate.

What is the RANGE Allotment Owners Association?
  • The Range Allotment Owners - National Grazinglands Education Association (RAO), is a national level association of livestock producers who are Allotment Owners in the 17 contiguous Western States.
  • RAO also accepts applications for non-voting membership from livestock organizations or businesses that support stockraising agriculture and the Constitutional right to own and control property.

The RAO was formed for the purpose of educating, informing, and assisting Allotment Owners in protecting their property rights and promoting the interests of livestock organizations, businesses, and communities dependent on the Western livestock industry.

Come learn about the ROA and
Your Property Rights as Allotment Owners

Dr. Angus McIntosh, Executive Director of ROA will be Teaching
the course with assistance from our Montana, Wyoming,
Colorado, New Mexico, and South Dakota RAO leadership and members:

AUGUST 24, 2017
8:00 AM-5:00 PM


Requirements for full VOTING member: Be an Allotment Owner having a Grazing Allotment in any Grazing District, Forest District, National Park or Monument, Wildlife Refuge, Indian Reservation or Pueblo, or Re-settlement Project (ie. National Grassland).

Suggested Donation VOTING:

Requirements for non-voting affiliate member:
Be a supporter of animal agriculture and the Constitutional right to own and use property.

Suggested Donation NON-VOTING:

Non-Voting Affiliate Member $100.00/year



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