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March 11, 2014

Will Governor Hickenlooper let DOI
get Colorado a little bit pregnant?

Once again, the Department of Interior (DOI) claims the Endangered Species Act (ESA) requires protection for every critter on earth…except the human critter. In particular, DOI targets and subjects you, the human critter, to the most inhumane treatment possible.
Before moving on, let me first clarify federal property. It is said “half the land west of the Mississippi belongs to the federal government” (WSJ 3/10/14). The fact is, federal owns only the “naked land.” Whomever first puts water and forage above the land, and the water (and in some cases the gas, oil and mineral rights) below the land to “beneficial use,” acquires “Equitable Title" - for said usage becomes a “Vested Property Right.”

Now that you know what federal does and doesn’t own, you can begin to see the gross overreach by DOI when it marches in and demands you stop using your property to protect another critter. They take “look sees” until they’ve destroyed your culture, livelihood, family and life, thusly the economic viability of your community.

To me, this proves someone’s misusing the ESA (includes Polar Bears, Sage Grouse and wolves), to shut down American resource production, harm resource providers (job killer), and eliminate private property ownership altogether. Period!

Unconstitutional federal overreach is a proven job killer that hurts a state’s economy! Note the word “overreach.” Governors have a duty to boot out each “overreach.”
In Colorado, Governor John Hickenlooper has asked the Obama Administration not to list the greater sage grouse. This “mother may I” is backwards!


A governor should never have to ask the Obama Administration “mother may I” on federal actions outside federal’s powers. A governor instead, has the authority to remove any entity within the borders of his or her state that acts outside its enumerated powers and or engages in un-lawful actions.

Governor Hickenlooper has the authority to stop the DOI from entering Colorado and getting it a little bit pregnant with critter accommodations of corridors, buffer zones, wetlands and open spaces. The question is: Why won’t he exercise this authority?
Governor Hickenlooper should enforce a policy of: “Zero reduction to resource production on privately owned property…including privately owned property on federal land!”

But will he?

I don’t think so.

Whether you live in the country or in the city, you have a common interest in wanting a reliable source of affordable energy and locally grown food.

Governor Hickenlooper can either give DOI the boot or let DOI get Colorado a little bit pregnant. Which do you think he’ll do?

Roni Bell Sylvester Candidate for Governor of Colorado www.RoniForColorado.com

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