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March 19, 2015
You really can save America, if you want to…

You really can save America, if you want to.

But, confusion in interpreting what constitutes Private Property Rights paralyzes you.

Why? Probably because you do not know or understand the gapping differences between statutes, laws passed by Congress, science and the assumed (public opinion).

Allowing our General Assemblies and Congress to operate more so off of the assumed than verifiable information, is resulting in the destruction of private property ownership; more importantly known as the foundation America was built on.

Let’s use as one example, the word Navigable: Its definitions include hydrological, laws passed by Congress, and statutes.

For instance, the EPA, DOI, USDA and Army Corps of Engineers may not make law, nor can they trump Laws passed by Congress and statutes; flow falls under science; the assumed incorrectly assumes federal owns all water.

The very genesis of your freedom, liberty and pursuit of happiness comes from your opportunity to acquire and enjoy private property ownership. Therefore, it is critical to faithfully identify who owns this, in order to determine the proceeding direction.

As a starter to help remove your confusion, we recommend answers to the following precede each law making discussion involving private property; including gas, oil, mineral, water, land.

Whose Property Rights are being discussed?

Are Property Rights Owners present?

What is Property Right’s first date of Settlement?

Is Property Right on private deeded, federal or state land?

What is Property Right’s acreage, allotment quantity, Acre/ft., AUM’s, easement, improvements, forage etc.?

Who wants the Property Rights?

Who will benefit from Property Rights?

Who will be harmed by Property Rights?

Who will pay for Property Rights: Private party, state, city, county, ditch, special district, federal etc.?

Has Owner been denied use of property? If yes, by whom, for how long, and has Owner been justly compensated?

Is there treat of eminent domain or condemnation? If yes, by whom.

What is the “fair market value” of Property Rights?

Note: Members of State’s General Assembly or U.S. Congress who have personal or private interest have the responsibility to disclose the fact; and upon review, may or may not vote.

Once you implement these recommendations today, by tomorrow you’ll begin seeing results of your work - rebuilding America’s foundation.

Instead of being stuck in litigation quagmires, you can move forward and enjoy the freedoms and liberties that are attached to your Private Property Rights.

You really can save America…if you want to.

Roni Bell Sylvester - Volunteer Editor Publisher www.LandAndWaterUSA.com

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