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Danny Martinez Dr Taylor Haynes Frank Shepperson
(President Wyoming Stock Growers
Dr. Taylor Haynes and
Danny Martinez
Dr. John Maulsby - Vice Chairman
(Dr. Maulsby is accompanied by his Mother "Kathleen Grooters" - and "Chuck Sylvester," Co-founder GNL.)

"As a combat veteran and a non-denominational minister, there is little in the world I regard as highly as I do God and Country. My problem is with those who believe Church and State mean those same things, and in particular with those who believe their party has a monopoly on patriotism, and their sect has a monopoly on the blessing of God."

James Post www.postpubco.com

Dr. David Legates Paul Driessen      



"If you would spend as much time doing it, as if you were doing it, you'd be doing it!"

Jay C. Hutcheson

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