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Colorado Water Law Resolution to Restore Pre-Existing Water Law

C.R.S. 37-92-102 Legislative declaration basic tenets of Colorado Water Law
Whereas, the State of Colorado Constitution guarantees the protection of life and property, and
Whereas Water Rights are property rights, and … click here to continue


Water Share Owners, Do you want to gain-or lose- if you sell your water? 

Water Share Owners, unless you know your rights, you stand to take significant losses when you sell your shares.  
Do you want to gain – or lose – if you sell your water? … click here to continue


Water – It’s Property  

In addressing Water, it must first be recognized as someone’s *Vested Property Right … click here to continue

Legislators – overhydration of S. Platte
River injures property!


Dear Honorable Legislators,

We offer to you, “A Resolution to reaffirm the process by which Colorado Water Rights are to be administered under the statutory laws of the State of Colorado.”

Because Coloradans have a long standing history of supporting and enforcing “pre-existing law,” we believe your sponsorship and ultimate passage of this Resolution will have 100% support.

We encourage the addressed in this email, to please let your legislators know you “support this Resolution.”

This Resolution will resolve Water problems statewide.

Thank you for your consideration.


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Colorado citizens issue resolution
calling for proper administration of water rights

by editor

Plans using vague terms such as ‘banking, ‘augmentation,’ ‘fallowing,’ ‘consumptive conservation,’ etc., offer property owners–mostly farmers and ranchers–generous cash payments to decrease or stop using the water to which they own rights. But maintaining those water rights is contingent upon property owners putting the water to beneficial use. Once annual consumption is being decreased through man made manipulation and by taking water out of prior appropriation, and the water is no longer being put to beneficial use, those rights may evaporate. Click here to continue.

Colorado Climate Leadership
and Lord Christopher Monckton

Roni Bell Sylvester & Lord Christopher Monckton April 2012

Scanning through Colorado’s General Assembly bills 2018, I found a worthy bill wherein “organizations and individuals that provide leadership in response to climate change” would be awarded.

Should Representative Hooton’s bill pass and become law, we would be honored if the committee would consider our nomination of Lord Christopher Monckton.

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Why Are Animal Rights Extremist Groups Allowed
to Get Away with False Accusations?

Guest Article by Roni Bell Sylvester, Colorado Resident

Amy Hsiung, Samantha Francis and Aidan Cook in conjunction with PETA, Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) and other animal rights extremist groups, are gathering thousands of signatures to stop mutton bustin’ at the National Western Livestock Show and Rodeo.

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We can show you how!


By Angus McIntosh PhD, Executive Director, Range Allotment Owners Association

There are many US Supreme Court decisions on the subject of “pioneer rights” or settler’s rights of “possession”, “occupancy” or “use” through “settlement” and “improvement”. One case that specifically refers to these possessory rights as “pioneer rights” is Lamb v Davenport, 85 US 307 (1873). Click here to continue.


No. 81-1686
Argued: January 17, 1983
Decided: June 6, 1983

The Stock-Raising Homestead Act of 1916 (SRHA) provided for the settlement of homesteads on lands the surface of which was “chiefly valuable for grazing and raising forage crops.” Section 9 of the SRHA reserved to the United States title to “all the coal and minerals” in lands patented under the Act. Click here to continue.

Equal Protection from Personal Attack (Malicious Deprivation of Constitutional Rights) Act by Federal Employee

Concept by Roni Bell Sylvester
Drafted by Dr. Angus McIntosh

Please demand your state and U.S. representatives support and pass Equal Standing. Please click here for Equal Standing Bill

Roni Bell Sylvester (970) 284-6874

Always ask the feds to ‘show me the statute’ and don’t forget everything they do is subject to your prior existing rights.”

Dr. Angus McIntosh

Foremost expert on Private Property Rights on Federal Land