ATTACK by who? A combo of Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) (like Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, Western Watersheds, Center For Biological Diversity, World Wildlife Foundation), government employees in agencies including the Department of Interior (DOI), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and private entities who form their own Metropolitan Utility Districts (MUD).
Who are the U.S. Citizens that are under ATTACK? Those whose properties have Gas, Oil, Minerals or Water; or are on federal lands that have been committed as collateralization for loans from China, Federal Reserve or?
Attackers TRESPASS, then deploy unlawful regulatory violations; surround and handcuff; seize files; impound property; pay protesters; lie; plant something then declare it endangered; threaten with eminent domain and adverse possession; bully; flood out; jail; imprison and shoot.
NO ONE is protecting these U.S. CITIZENS!
County Sheriffs, County Commissioners, Mayors, State House Representatives and Senators, U.S. Congressman and Senators and Governors, you are hereby called to PROTECT the U.S. CITIZENS in your community!
Identify your constituents who have been attack. They are bleeding profusely. You need to HELP them NOW!
Identify the attackers. Order them to start restitution!
Governors! Pardon constituents who, “without charges and due process,” have been wrongfully jailed/imprisoned.
The attackers will never be able to make restitution for the significant harm they’ve subjected your constituents to; including stealing years out of their lives, destroying their customs and cultures, and exhausting them financially, mentally and physically.
But, you should expect them to reimburse your constituents all financial costs accrued in their solitary fights to protect their property, their livelihoods and their lives.
We expect you to protect us. You have a duty to protect us.

Do it.


Thank you.
Roni Bell Sylvester (970) 284-6874