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Beverly K. Eakman

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Growing up isn't what it used to be, and neither is growing old. The mainstreaming of non-traditional behavior has made traditional behavior seem outmoded at best and at worst has meant that dignity is a fast disappearing: click here - by Beverly Eakman

March 20, 2014
Recommended reading regarding the treat of common core!
Common Core of Standards: On The Fast Track to Deculturization
Beverly K. Eakman

Much has been written about the common core of standards, or CCS, for short. Not much has been said about one of its chief objectives: Deculturization

November 18, 2013
Beverly Eakman -- FAA Announces Impending Launch of Surveillance Drones
For years warnings have been showing up in seemingly unconnected venues: Our personal data and our comings and goings have been hijacked by everything from "EZ Pass" toll-fee collectors to ObamaCare's flubbed sign-up website. The formats may vary, but all admit potential use your information to improve cross-matching capability, using both "hard" technologies (e.g., "traffic" cameras) and "soft" (e.g., "predictive behavioral detection" activities and computerized subscription data). The final touch is now upon us--one that many media moguls laughed off just two years ago, when several renowned publications, both mainstream and conservative, ran stories on domestic surveillance drones. Now the FAA has officially announced their intention to test "UAVs" in multiple sites across the U.S. The worst part of this is Americans have been "conditioned" to accept, even applaud, the whiz-bang marvels we see in popular techo-thriller dramas. Young people, in particular, have grown accustomed to being inspected by officials, to snooping ("reporting") on each other and their families, and to bullying people they don't like using the newest downloaded "app." High-schoolers have never known a United States with any "expectation of privacy." Even older Americans are buying into the "if you've got nothing to hide, what's the problem?" rationale. Ironically, many of us news-junkies assumed it was just all about revenue...until suddenly it wasn't.

November 6, 2013
Beverly Eakman
Here is a second "take" on Common Core of Standards, just published yesterday at American Daily Herald. See:

Much has already been written about the Common Core of Standards, including an interview given by me to a professor last week in an interview, which you may have seen last week. But not much has been said about one of its chief objectives: deculturization. I explain in this piece the importance of a common body of knowledge and experience — that is, the values, attitudes and ideals that go with a collage of basic information that holds a nation together. Strip that out, and you have “deculturization.” This is an aspect I didn't focus on in my interview of last week. So, aside from the more reader-friendly article format of this piece, there is some new information and context here, making this as thorough as possible.

February 27, 2013
Guns and Psychos - Just published: The following is the only thorough analysis of its kind out there on the necessarily intertwined issues of (1) new gun control regulations; (2) proposed expansions to mental health screening and treatment; and (3) embedded personal (especially student) tracking devices, like the one headed for a large school district outside of San Antonio, TX. Although these three issues have been front and center since the theater shooting in Aurora, CO, the elementary school shootings in Newtown, CT, pushed them over the top. They can no longer be considered in isolation, independently of each other, because there is a political dimension lurking behind the "package."

October 19, 2012
Trickle-down Socialism - Once in America we approved of merit-based advance. Work hard, perform well, and enjoy commensurate success. Not so today. We now view hard-won success as unfair and expect government to redistribute wealth and opportunity. By Beverly K. Eakman

People who have been following the debates have a fine, new catch-phrase, compliments of Mitt Romney: "trickle-down government." What they may have missed is the link to a now-entrenched (and virtually untouchable) worldview that establishes egalitarianism, or socialism. See a very different post-debate analysis on the "new thinking" Americans have been subtly conditioned to espouse from their school days on, over the course of 40 years:

Click here for Part II of interview by Michael Shauhnessy, professor at E, New Mexico State University of Beverly Eakman on her book, Agenda Games:

DH FreedomCast Interview with Beverly Eakman

on Thursday, 18 October 2012. Posted in Publisher's Corner, Opinion
Dennis Behreandt, Editor of American Daily Herald, sits down with author Beverly Eakman to discuss her new book, Agenda Games. - Beverly Eakman is the author of several books, including her hard-hitting and well-received classic, Cloning of the American Mind. Her newest book, Agenda Games, contends that America's political elites are "playing" the American people. I sat down with Beverly to find out more about this provocative assertion.

December 4, 2011
It's Make-or Break Time for America by Beverly Eakman - This time around, the message we send is going to be more important than the man (or woman) we “elect.” The game is this: If a Democrat wins, the nation moves sharply Left, no matter who promises what. If one of the “preferred” Republicans win (Executive or Legislative branch), then things will go along pretty much as they have, ever leftward, but more slowly, until the Democrats prevail again.... The article is hard-hitting, but contains a few well-placed double-entendres you will enjoy.