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  Dennis Mitchell and Muncelle Mitchell 


December 30, 2014

Opinion: EPA’s fibs in its war on coal

By Dennis Mitchell and Willie Soon

Without affordable, reliable energy, life is short and brutal. Visit any place where families struggle to live without cheap electricity, and you will be horrified at the suffering. Without rational stewardship of natural resources, life is on a pathway to destruction. Visit any part of the world where carelessness rules resource utilization, and you will witness a ticking time bomb of misery. Click here to continue.

November 26, 2013
A climate of fear, cash and correctitude
Trashing real science to protect grants, prestige, and desire to control energy, economy, lives

Paul Driessen Dennis Mitchell

October 28, 2013
Do the Math – Count the cash
Al Gore, Bill McKibben and the color of money: A true religious experience

Paul Driessen Dennis Mitchell

Some years ago, a telegenic televangelist built quite an empire, before publicly falling from grace and adopting a less opulent life style. But back then he liked big homes and Lear jets with Rolls Royce engines and, even though Dennis’s lab primarily did environmental monitoring, his chief pilot came there because he needed demanding analyses on the methanol fuels he used for extra thrust. Click here to continue.

October 19, 2013
Viewpoint - Climate Alarmists Seek Shelter From Public Storm
Posted 10/16/2013 06:37 PM ET


July 20, 2013
LAW USA Contributing Educators Dennis and Muncelle Mitchell doing charity work.
L - R - Joan, Dennis and Muncelle Mitchell
Crestview, Florida: The 57th Crestview Area Chamber of Commerce Installation and Awards Banquet had a tongue-in-cheek Mardi Gras theme, but with very authentic food, music, and décor. The fun was shared with about 220 people including many of the area’s political and military dignitaries. The photo booth gave folks a chance to really follow the event theme of “ Let the Good Times Roll”. From champagne to crawfish etouffee to flambé bananas Foster, the atmosphere was optimistic about the economic growth and quality of life in the region.

June 28, 2013
Firing Coal

By Dennis Mitchell

March 14, 2013
EPA =’s Science R Not Us!

By Dennis Mitchell

February 18, 2013

Contributing Educator Dennis Mitchell goes undercover underwater for subterranean big gulps! ___________________________________

February 15, 2013
Agenda 21 - The End Of Freedom!

Please check out this well stated article about Agenda 21.

I wish it appeared in mainstream media, where the fundamental education is most needed, but it’s up to today's alternative sector -to spread the word.

The connection is through our local Fairfax (Virginia) folks - who are active trying to educate and warn the world about Agenda 21. When they sent this article out by Anne McDonald, I contacted them (and in turn the author) about the possibility of getting it on LAW. They were delighted at the possibility it would a worthy item for LAW USA .

Dennis Mitchell

February 6, 2013 Armadillo Economics

By Dennis Mitchell

November 26, 2012
The Four Horsemen of the Economic Apocalypse
The fiscal cliff looms, while other plagues also threaten our job and economic well-being

By Dennis Mitchell

October 17, 2012
Democrats Aren't The Only Liars

By Dennis Mitchell

July 16, 2012
Fact Checking Ocean Acidification Science
By Dennis M. Mitchell, QEP, CPA (Left) and Dr. David R. Legates (Right)

June 29, 2012
How to Run a Muck With Tax and Environmental Compliance

By Dennis Mitchell

June 20, 2012

Ban Ki-moon’s Big Party - Dennis M. Mitchell, QEP

June 17, 2012
The Mercury Issue: Myth or Fact? By Dennis Mitchell

May 15, 2012
LGBT - Personally, I don’t worry much about the issue of Gay and Lesbian marriage status as there are multiple ways to fix the legal issues if necessary ... click here to continue - by Dennis Mitchell

February 19, 2012
Dr. Willie Soon - The Numbers Just Don't Add Up! By Dennis Mitchell

January 27, 2012
Alternative Minimum Tax- The Invisible Federal Income Tax
By Muncelle Mitchell and Dennis Mitchell

October 8, 2011
Is environmental deception genetic?
By Muncelle Mitchell and Dennis Mitchell published September 15, 2011

A Religious Experience Environmentally Speaking by Dennis M. Mitchell

"The fundamental climate scientist who is attacked for delivering a conclusion based on the scientific method and legitimate review is usually doing so from the barbs of ridicule of the established power, not the science. In fact, getting good science to legitimate review has become similar to a black man trying to join an all white country club in the early 70’s. The rules said it was possible but the culture always found some nebulous reason that the application wasn’t quite up to some curious standard. If fundamental science is offered in the climate arena and it doesn’t support the old boy network, then smug smiles begin to show as the consensus gang circles the wagons of deception. Instead of protecting the women and the children, it’s hiding the egos and the mountain of government money flowing into their wagon train. The alarmists rule is to never debate the science, always attack the character. The diabolical beauty in the alarmists game plan is to always accuse your opponent of exactly what they are doing that is so very wrong.

The problem in rebuttal is that a single truth has to be told more times than the multiple lies to sway the public. The large inventory of alarmists’ lies has the advantage of being around through an entire generation so that the baseline of perception has been established regardless of facts. We all can truly see what Galileo was up against and how long it took for the facts to win out." Dennis Mitchell