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At the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was asked,
"What have you wrought?"  He answered, "...a Republic, if you can keep it."  
With sails ripped by evil winds, Ben's mighty ship Republic rocks unstable...right
to left, left to right.  We have a duty to tow in the Republic and repair it wholly.
Consider your sturdy letters as the thread that will stitch our Republic back together. 

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What's the difference between a socialist and a communist? A Communist has neither a moral conscience
or a social conscience.....A Socialist has only a social conscience ! ! Bud Sonnentag (NV)


December 18, 2008
My thoughts on Senator Salazar as Secretary of Interior - Roni Bell Sylvester

November 24, 2008
32 Years Ago by Roni Bell Sylvester

November 21, 2008
Senator Allard & CSU by Chuck & Roni Sylvester

November 20, 2008
Mr. Con-artist Rich by Roni Bell Sylvester

November 20, 2008
A LADY Educates U.S. Senators On The 2nd Amendment...

November 19, 2008
On gay marriage and religion by Roni Bell Sylvester

November 17, 2008
Challenge to Congress: Institute fair sales tax by Roni Sylvester, Guest Columnist, The Greeley Tribune

November 8, 2008
American Worker Speaks by Cory Miller

November 5, 2008
Obama As President
by Roni Bell Sylvester

October 29, 2008
Mr.Krauthammer - Regards: Islamic Jihad by Charles Sylvester

October 27, 2008
Dear Ellen Degeneres, Ladies on The View and Oprah Winfrey,

October 15, 2008
'The Axis of Idiots' - J. D. Pendry - Sergeant Major, USMC, Retired

October 2, 2008
Dear Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals and Libertarians

September 28, 2008
McCain engaged vs Obama staged by Roni Bell Sylvester

September 22, 2008
Amendment 58 and TNC by Roni Bell Sylvester

September 19, 2008
Comments regarding Conservation Easements

September 17, 2008
Government Dangerous by Jack Venrick

September 16, 2008
Sarah is a real deal person
by Ric Frost

September 12, 2008
Response to Gloria Steinem by Roni Bell Sylvester

September 4, 2008
Getter Done Gals by Roni Bell Sylvester

August 29, 2008
Sarah Palin For Vice President by Chuck & Roni Sylvester

August 28, 2008
Colorado State Fair by Leellen Koroulis

August 26, 2008
American Demands by Roni Bell Sylvester

August 25, 2008
Our Ancient Landscape by Mike D.

August 11, 2008
Appeasement by Colleen Walsh

August 11, 2008
Mortgage Bailout Bill Funds Eminent Domain

August 10, 2008
A nice thank you from a 12 year old.

August 8, 2008
Letter to McCain by Roni Bell Sylvester

July 18, 2008
I need your help! by Chuck Sylvester

July 17, 2008
You White Folks Are In For A BIG Surprise!" By Mrs. Colleen Walsh

July 17, 2008
What are your thoughts regards Barack's refusal to appear on Greta Van Susteren's show?

July 15, 2008
Tooth Brush and Cookies in the Morning

July 9, 2008
Problem Solved by M.S. Hollis

July 8, 2008
G8 'meeting on food shortages,' their lunch and dinner menus

June 28, 2008
Drilling in ANWAR by Gary, Anchorage, AK

June 21, 2008
Liars by Roni Bell Sylvester

June 18, 2008
What's the difference between a socialist and a communist? - Your definitions are encouraged. Please keep in mind, we are a family oriented, educational website.

June 18, 2008
ITSSD - Obama & Clinton Are Employing Psychology

June 17, 2008
A letter sent to both candidates for president and others who've solicited us for money.

June 14, 2008
From the Times - Colleen Walsh

June 9, 2008
Address given to WIFE by Roni Bell Sylvester

June 6, 2008
“We must take sides,” Elie Wiesel

June 5, 2008
Dairy Commodity Markets and Industry NewsTotal - Provided by Chuck Tucker of Tucker Dairy

May 27, 2008
Changed Party Affiliation

May 27, 2008
Following is a very interesting letter to Dr. Soon by Dennis Bussey we believe is worthy of sharing with you. The author was gracious to allow our posting. Editor GNL

May 13, 2008
Note to Kalee Krieder, scheduler for Mr. Al Gore. Her response will be posted by Roni Sylvester

May 12, 2008
Manmade Disaster Is Preventable by Roni & Chuck Sylvester

May 12, 2008
Informed Lawyer USA

May 7, 2008
Are Jim Nielsen's actions unusual?

May 1, 2008
Al Gore's Global Warming Hysteria by Jim Park

May 1, 2008
Suggested: Amendment To: The "Endangered Species Act Of 1973"
16, U.S.C.SEC. 1531, ET SEQ

April 28, 2008
Pending Legislation: Non-performing AWNAA Act - A satire by person unknown

April 26, 2008
Conversations on power towers and wildlife

April 20, 2008
Food for thought...only? by Roni Bell Sylvester

April 19, 2008
Wolves Make A Killing by Roni Bell Sylvester

April 19, 2008
DOI Secretary Kempthorne by Roni Bell Sylvester

April 17, 2008
I'm helping stop the Al Gore Tax by Roni Bell Sylvester

April 4, 2008
RE: Gov. Ritter and Education on YOUR SHOW BY Roni Bell Sylvester

March 29, 2008
Wolves: Not Most Idahoans by Robert T. Fanning Jr.

March 29, 2008
Public Comment On Water Strategy by Roni Bell Sylvester

March 27, 2008
CO State Fair, Premise I.D. and Children

March 19, 2008
Senator Obama Response to Invitation to Good Neighbor Law Forum

March 19, 2008
John Maulsby by Kerri Natter

March 13, 2008
A lady worthy of emulation

March 13, 2008
Found on Huffington Post- Nora Ephron "Eliot Spitzer" - The real author unknown

March 8, 2008
On Conservation Easements by RF

March 7, 2008
Mr Nobel Peace Prize by Judi S (NE)

March 7, 2008
Montana Wolf Update

March 3, 2008
Inconvenient Thermometers by Glenn Beck

March 1, 2008
Dear Hillary - author unknown

March 1, 2008
Super Slab by Rob Dougherty

February 29, 2008
A Book Recommendation by Gertie Lux

February 24, 2008
Thank You Barb Hall!

February 20, 2008
Proposed Ban Gun Ordinance by Ken Keil, Colorado

February 20, 2008
An idea for the Department of the Interior by Roni Bell Sylvester

February 16, 2008
Hug Your Prairie Rat today by M.S. Hollis

February 16, 2008
Animal Cruelty

February 15, 2008
Exchanges between three individuals regarding
"Conservation Easement On Municipal Property"

February 11, 2008
What? by Roni Bell Sylvester

February 6, 2008
An Example of Fact VS Fiction by Roni Bell Sylvester

February 2, 2008
Yes, I'd support Barack...under these conditions. by Roni Bell Sylvester

February 1, 2008
Zero Net Loss Production Acre by Roni Bell Sylvester

January 28, 2008
Property Rights Dying In Boulder by David Halseth

January 13, 2008
Where are all the undernourished horses coming from? - Charles W. Sylvester

January 11, 2008
Subject: On Global Warming from Darol Dickinson

January 3, 2008
Whether you love or hate Bill Gates - his following advice nails it!


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